About Jean Foster Design

More than 25 years of involvement designing, decorating, and furnishing homes along with accommodation and hospitality venues in various parts of NZ has honed my skills and given me a vast store of knowledge and experience on which to draw when creating bespoke environments for my clients.

We partner with other skilled professionals, such as bespoke furniture artisans, skilled painters, wallpaper installers, etc, to help us accomplish the desired end result.

Avoiding fads and 'what's in' to create customised interiors that will remain in style long after the latest 'hot look' has left the scene has become a hallmark of my work.

I believe interior design isn't about trends or rules. It is about creating timeless, inviting, and comfortable interiors that enhance everyday life.


Why did you choose this profession?

I think the profession might have chosen me actually. Both my mother and father possessed a great sense of personal style. And although not particularly well off, they always created charming interiors. And since they worked in the textile industry I had a very early introduction to what constitutes quality in fabric and design.

Even when still very young I took an active part in decorating my own surroundings which lead to developing skills such as the application of paint effects and creating soft furnishings for myself and others. Eventually, I undertook formal studies and in 1998 gained a diploma in interior design.

What changes have you seen over the years?

There have been many changes in the industry in recent years.  Nowadays we have CAD (computer-assisted design ). When I started everything was hand-drawn -( I sometimes still prefer that method to illustrate a concept )

Resources were limited in terms of fabrics, floor coverings,  bathroom fittings, furniture and etc. 

Today we have what can  be a bewildering amount of choices to  the untrained eye.

What are some of the highlights of your career?

I have worked on the interior design and furnishing of some gorgeous private homes, multi-dwelling properties, historically significant homes, and commercial properties over the last few decades so it's difficult to pinpoint a particular highlight.

It's really more about the relationships that have developed. Comments from my clients about their enjoyment of their new or renovated property have brought me immense personal satisfaction. The creative journey that we have been on together has often led to us becoming very good friends.

It has been a privilege as well to have clients come back to me after several years to work on another project with them and to have benefited from their referral of me to others.


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